Dermafix - Auto Needling Theraphy

It helps to increase the absorption rate of active ingredient of skincare products by creating physical pathways through skin.
  • Genosys Dermafix is an automatic pen device for micro-needling treatment.
  • It helps collagen & elastin induction through natural wound healing process of skin.
a. Effects of Dermafix:
  • Skin Firming & Lifting
  • Skin brightening & Whitening
  • Improvements of fine lines & wrinkles, Acne scar, burn scar and stretch mark
  • Treatment of hair loss
b. Features of Dermafix:
  • Disk Type Needle: Needle does not give severe damage to the skin at time of   procedure.
  • Number of Needle: 16 It makes more micro channels as compared to other auto needling devices (i.e 9-12)
  • Thickness of Needle: due to 0.20 mm size, the pricking sensation is very minimized
  • Cutting shape of needle- Hexagone
  • The Hexagonal shape of needle reduce the contact surface with the skin during pricking, thus the pain gets minimized.
  • Adjustable motor power & speed: 9 Levels
  • Adjustable needle length 0.25 mm- 2.00 mm
  • Needle length can be adjusted according to the purpose of treatment, which allows more effective and affordable treatment for a patient.
C. For better result use Dermafix along with Genosys Power Solutions
  1. SWS: For Skin Lightening & Whitening
  2. CTS: For Acne Scar
  3. SRS: For Instant Brightening
  4. HES: Increases Skin Volume

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