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What skin experts have to say about Doublo-Gold

Dr. Rickson Pereira

Doublo-Gold focused ultrasound is a promising treatment that offers remarkable results in skin tightening and rejuvenation, non-invasive facelift, jowl reduction, jawline & neck tightening and much more. My patients are extremely satisfied with the transformation it has brought in.

Doublo Gold is an advanced version of the previously successful Doublo-S. Like its predecessor I’m sure it’ll revolutionize anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Rickson Pereira Dermatherapie Clinic Mumbai
Dr. Ishad Aggarwal

“Doublo Gold now has become a premium treatment in my clinic, thanks to the high end technology that offers these outstanding results. Being a non-invasive one, it is comfortable for my patients and does not demand any major downtime”.

This novel cosmetic tool very effectively rejuvenates the deep layers of the skin, delivering innovative HIFU energy to the targeted tissues and creating selective thermal coagulative zones in the subcutaneous layer or superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) at 3 mm and 4.5 mm, without the risk of damage to the superficial skin or surrounding tissues. Treatment results in significant tightening and lifting of the targeted tissues, as well as improved contours of the treated areas.

Dr. Ishad Aggarwal Wizderm speciality skin & Hair Clinic, Kolkata
Dr. Ginni Chhabria

If you are practising Anti-aging then Doublo-S is a device which should be there at your clinic. Its a non invasive technology which gives a desirable facelift. Jaw line contour is just amazing. There is no downtime. Me and my clients we both are happy

Dr. Ginni Chhabria Skinology Center, Indore
 Dr. Datta Sonavane
Duoblo Gold HIFU is the best in class device for face and body contouring. It’s the fastest in its category. I have been using this device for last two years & it gives excellent results to satisfy patients. It’s not only doctor friendly but also patient friendly device. It has got advantages over other technologies as single sitting treatment with zero down time as well as prolonged treatment effect.
Dr. Datta Sonavane S. Director La Peau Laser World & Skin clinic, Thane, Navi Mumbai
Dr. Rupali Pavaskar
“I was overwhelmed with my own experience after taking Doublo Gold treatment for the first time. It showed prominent improvement & that too without any downtime. The large majority of my patients are satisfied with the aesthetic outcomes and improvements achieved in the signs of skin aging. I could work on deep skin structures of 4.5mm of SMAS area, simultaneously targets deep dermis with 3mm for effective fibroblast activation & collagen regeneration and also address other aesthetic indications such as body shaping."

Here are some patient's comments:
  1. I just love the effect on my under eye puffiness. I can't wait to get it done for my face
  2. Now I resemble my previous photographs, wow!
  3. I can't help but smile when I look in the mirror!
Dr. Rupali Pavaskar Transforme Cosmetic Center, Thane, Navi Mumbai
Dr. M K Shetty
I have been using Doublo-S focused ultrasound technology for about three 3 years in my practice with assured results without any complications. This specific device offers you different cartridges for different level for facial lifting & body contouring.
Dr. M K Shetty Dr. Shetty's Aesthetics Bangalore

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