Vivace (MNRF)


  • High power 61-watt bi-polar radio frequency
    • High power bi-polar radio frequency achieves 50-600c temperature inside the dermis causes tissue coagulation and denaturation leads to neocollagenesis & neoelastogenesis.
  • Approved by US-FDA, K-FDA & CE
  • Dual Frequency 1 & 2Mhz
    • 1 Mhz offers accurate frequency for Anti-aging treatments like face & neck wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, sagging skin
    • 2 Mhz offers precise frequency for acne scar, pores & stretch marks
  • Choice of Both Insulated & Non-Insulated Needle Sets
    • Insulated Micro-needle delivers wider RF emission only in dermis, while Non-insulated delivers RF effect from epidermis to dermis independent to skin types
  • Adjustable depth from 0.5mm to 3.5mm
    • Offers flexibility to treat different targeted areas
  • 36 needles array with 0.3mm diameter
    • Optimum needle bundle can be used comfortably in small & large areas
  • One cartridge last the patient's entire treatment session
    • Offers unlimited shots leads to superior ROI
  • Variable Pulse duration of 100ms to 800ms
    • Provides personalize patient experience
  • Chevron-Circuit controlled RF Flow
    • Allows even delivery of the radio-frequency (RF Energy) prevents hot spots during treatment leads to decrease the pain and downtime
  • Robotic micro-motor system, advances the needle insertion more gently & comfortably leads painless treatment
    • Vivace is a first device to use Robotic micro-motor system, it is more comfortable than Hydraulic Motors or Solenoids
  • Red & Blue LEDs complement each treatment
    • Red stimulates collagen remodeling & Blue disrupts acne bacteria

Clinical Results

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