Double Effect and Safety


The World’s first synergy system of


World-famous two technologies are in one device:

  • New Doublo is the world’s first synergy system of MFU, SD (MFU+RF) technology
  • It is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic tool wisely combined with RF for enhancement of the results.
  • New Doublo has multiple handpieces of two different technologies that strategically allows to customize treatments as per individual needs and provide a complete face lifting and tightening look.
  • MFU with SD (MFU+RF) Synergy Dotting technology enhances further clinical results and offers greater potency in lifting, tightening and contouring.

Double Effect & Safety:

  • SD (Synergy Dotting) Technology:
    • Worlds first “MFU+RF”, SD (Synergy Dotting) Technology in one handpiece
    • Innovative Synergistic Effect of Micro Focused Ultrasound & Radio Frequency
    • Amazing therapeutic effect through the two famous tightening & lifting treatment of MFU & RF
    • Four interchangeable cartridges for face & body target focused depth at each layer of the skin.
    • Synergy Dotting
    • a. Different Modes:
    • different-modes
    • b. Various Types of Cartridges:
    • Various Types of Cartridges
  • MFU (Micro Focused Ultrasound):
    • a. Different cartridges for different depths
    Different cartridges for different depths

    Customized treatment depending on the skin type, treatment area and depth.

  • Treatment Results:
    • a. Increases collagen & elastin activation by SD (MFU+RF) compared to HIFU alone:
    elastin activation
    • b. Transfer the higher heat in wider area:
    Transfer the heat
    • c. HIFU+RF combined shows 142.9% improvement in wrinkle compared to HIFU
    improvement in wrinkle
    • d. HIFU+RF combined shows 131.3% improvement in smile lines
    improvement in smile lines
  • Patented Safety Profile:
    • a. FL contact sensor: The cartridge will stop operating to prevent damage when it is not contacted with the skin.
    • b. FL movement sensor: The movement sensor prevents consecutive shots in one place
    • c. SD gyro sensor: SD gyro sensor to prevent overlapping on the same spot.

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