GENO LED Low Level LED Light


What is GENO-LED?

GENO-LED is a LLLT device which resolves skin complications with the LED light. It facilitates skin regeneration and soothing effect and also resolves the skin complications by irradiating lights with various wavelengths ranging from 423nm to 640nm.

It offers excellent and strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED (Surface-Mounted-Device Light-Emitting Diode) elements. GENO-LED is a LED device consists of 287 special near-infrared SMD LED elements.


Special near-infrared light SMD LED without pain, thermal damage, and photo-aging.


Red and blue lights can be used at the same time.


Different wavelength lights from 423nm to 640nm.

Available in Four colour lights (red, blue, green, yellow)



  • No downtown or side effects after treatment
  • LED that emits output of less than 1 W (Low Level LED Light)
  • Efficacious for various types of skin problems.
  • Safe for the patients with antibiotic resistance
  • Excellent post care method after medical aesthetic treatments such as Mesotherapy, Lasers, Microneedling, lifting thread insertion and chemical peel.

Main Features:

  • Dome shape – less light loss
  • Small and compact – easy to move
  • User friendly operation
  • High efficiency by ensuring the proper irradiation distance
  • Time of use can be adjusted during the treatment.
  • Hygienic - During treatment, there is no direct contact to skin

Green Light:

Wavelength: 532nm

Skin penetration depth: 0.5-2mm

  • Soothing
  • Improvement of sensitive skin
  • Mind and body rest
  • Improvement of hyperpigmentation

Red Light:

Wavelength: 640nm

Skin penetration depth: 1-6mm

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Activation of active ingredients

Blue Light:

Wavelength: 423nm

Skin penetration depth: 1mm

  • Destruction of acne bacteria
  • Inhibition of sebaceous glands
  • Prevention of wound infection
  • Relief of skin breakouts

Yellow Light:

Wavelength: 583nm

Skin penetration depth: 1-2mm

  • Relief of redness
  • Relief of erythema
  • Relief of herpes zoster in early stage

Clinical Results:


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