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What skin experts have to say about Vivace

Dr. Rickson Pereira

“In my clinic, I use microneedling radiofrequency device Vivace MNRF. This device offers excellent results in acne scars and anti-aging. Vivace MNRF changes the treatment of scars in Indian skin type. It provides the most dramatic results with high patient comfort with no downtime. The results are immediate and improve with few treatments.”

With Fractional lasers ablative and non-ablative lasers, scars can be treated well but they are associated with downtime and have the limitation of choosing lower fluence because of having chances of PIH.

Dr. Prateek Sondhi Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist and Director of Derma Circles
Dr. Ishad Aggarwal

“My experience with Vivace MNRF has been very wonderful. It’s the preferred option for most patients with lesser downtime & safety. Used it for acne scars and rejuvenation. Appreciable results, good for Indian skin, there are no complications like post-inflammatory pigmentation. It’s virtually pain-free and minimally invasive with excellent results”

Dr Meenakshi Tandon Skincity clinic, Bhopal
Dr. Ginni Chhabria

“Acne scars are of great cosmetic concern to patients and my personal favourite treatment for scars is MNRF (VIVACE). MNRF not only improves the scars, but also helps in tightening of skin; leading to anti-ageing effects. And all of this with minimal downtime! MNRF has now become an indispensable part of my acne scar treatment protocol.”

Dr Shreya Dass Allskin Clinic, Indore
 Dr. Datta Sonavane
“We have a lot of patients suffering from acne scarring. Scarring is often the primary concern of a patient with acne. Vivace is simply the best in its class for microneedling RF. Patients are quite comfortable throughout the treatment with little or no pain. This treatment works to stimulate collagen production and promotes dermal remodeling of skin imperfections like acne scarring. Based on the options for needle penetration and high power RF energy, the Vivace treatments give us a superior, quicker, and much more predictable outcome”
Dr.Nikita Patel Clear Skin Clinic, Thane
Dr. Rupali Pavaskar
"In recent years, technology has taken aesthetic treatments to a whole new height. A new generation, Vivace FDA-approved Microneedling device features radiofrequency energy. Each needle on the device simultaneously delivers powerful radiofrequency energy deep within the skin, creates series of patterned, microscopic channels. This causes a controlled injury to the tissues facilitates the wound healing process and promotes the remodeling of collagen and elastin to the treated area. A typical course of treatment in acne scars includes a minimum six sessions at an interval of 4-6 weeks".
Dr. Shireen Poonawala Skinvibbes Clinic, Pune
Dr. M K Shetty
“Have been using Vivace for few years now. The results are good and the patients describe their experience as a pleasant one. Three to four sessions at intervals of 6 weeks are recommended, the ongoing improvement continues even after the treatment.”
Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Sethi Hope Clinic, Shillong

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